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We headed north into some of the rougher water with three people on board, full tanks, an 'esky' and a bit of gear. The boat handled predictably when travelling with the seas – something you certainly do want. It didn’t wallow or try to broach, it tracked well and deflected the spray effectively, and what spray we did get on the screen was quickly whisked away with the wiper.

But it was when we turned around and headed back south into the wind and the chop that I really got impressed. The 5800 cut through the chop like the proverbial knife through caviar, and the E-TEC pushed us along effortlessly.
Geoff Middleton, boatsales.com.au

Love offshore fishing? Need a tough as nails boat that you can tow without buying a new car? Then the Yellowfin 6700 HT must surely be the one. It offers protection, has a functional design and space aplenty for the hangers on that seem to materialise when any sort of fishing trip is suggested, or, maybe that’s just my mates. It’s perfect for offshore game fishing missions or anchored up on a reef dropping baits. Dom Wiseman, boatadvice.com.au

My Yellowfin was simply incredible. The soft ride and superb layout meant we could master both the ocean and the marlin! I’ve rated that boat the best trailer boat I’ve ever been to sea in! This is one tough blue water fishing boat! Andrew Ettingshausen, Escape with ET
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