We’ve been building Yellowfin plate boats from 1984. Years of experience and honing skills is what has made it one of the most trusted boats in the country. Trust that you can take miles offshore. A good reputation does not happen overnight, it comes from consistent customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations. Explore the complete range here and find your new fishing companion: 



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Construction Process

We spend over 150 hours handcrafting each Yellowfin package while only allowing the highest quality utensils and workmanship to produce the ultimate offshore boats to ensure we have the best layout, design, hull performance, quality and price on the market. Learn more about our construction process here.


Our Yellowfin range is packed with everything you could need for an offshore adventure, so you get more boat for your money. With a range of great additional options to select from as well you can truly customize your Yellowfin package. See our complete range of standard features and options here.


Live Bait Tank with viewing window

Aluminium Plate Boat

The live bait tank is fitted to the back deck and is complete with a front viewing window. The bait tank also includes and external pickup which circulates fresh water through the tank while the boat is under way. 

Catch N Release

Aluminium Plate Boat

The Catch N release mechanism makes launching and retrieving your boat at the ramp a breeze. As you nudge your boat forward on the trailer the latch will be caught holding your boat in place – it’s so easy you can do it all yourself.

16 Rod Holders

offshore plate boats

Never short of room to house your prized possessions every Yellowfin isn’t complete without 16 welded rod holders including 5 ‘Reel Easy’ folding holders across the hard top – to allow for easy access.

Auto-Drain Deck

Aluminium Plate Boat

The Auto Drain Deck expels water quickly and efficiently from the hull with a rear gutter which guides excess water to a lower chamber ready to be drained out. Separate to the underfloor bilge pump Auto Drain Deck offers you another layer of safety.

Marine Core Construction

Aluminium Plate Boat

The Yellowfin range is constructed of 6mm marine grade aluminum bottom sheets and 4mm side sheets. The ‘Marine Core’ construction ensures that strength really does come from within with a subframe rib structure of longitudinal and latitudinal ribs made from 6mm vertical stringers and 5mm horizontal ribs to reinforce strength and the shape of the hull. While the self-draining floor is supported by a box section floor frame. The backbone of the Yellowfin, the keel and chines are reinforced by being welded a huge four times and all extrusion is specifically designed for marine use. This is one tough rig.

Offshore HD Hull

Aluminium Plate Boat Offshore

The Offshore HD Hull features a variable deadrise to 20 degrees at the transom and with the 730 deadrise the Yellowfin can tackle the toughest conditions. The deep V of the Offshore HD hull ensures the Yellowfin gives its captain a predictable, soft and steady ride, carving through swell with ease.

Reverse Chine

Plate Boats

The Reverse Chine works to deflect spray away from the boat and enhances stability so you can expect a predictable journey in all conditions.

Transom door

Transom Door

The hinged transom door located on the starboard side of the back deck makes easy access in and out of the boat.

Feel the Difference in a Yellowfin

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